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Is there anything that looks and feels more glamorous than a marble countertop?

Peerless in terms of its luminescence and distinctive veining, it’s an ultra-traditional choice.


Nothing beats marble for sheer elegance. It stands up to heat well, and because it remains perennially cool, it’s a traditional choice for pastry and baking stations.


Marble is used primarily in other settings than the kitchen as countertops. Nowadays in construction, it is primarily used in bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds, hearts, and tile stone. Marble’s elegance and beauty gives any home an appealing quality.


Marble is heat resistant just as granite, but its porousness and soft nature makes it a delicate material to be used as a kitchen countertop. Sharp knives can scratch the surface.


Heavy pots may chip the edges of the stone and liquids such as oil, wine and juices can penetrate deeper into the stone very quickly – and it’s hard, if not impossible, to get out. 


Badger Granite recommend sealing a marble countertop every six months to minimize the chances of staining the surface.

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